First Impressions

First Impressions count, this is what we are told, when we go for a job interview, or represent ourselves or a company.   We only get one opportunity to make a first impression.  The first impression you give to somebody says a lot about you, who you are, your professionalism and how you conduct yourself or your business.  That first impression will tell others what they can expect from you or the company you are representing.

To many companies, fail to understand that in a lot of cases the first impression your customers will have of your business will mostly come from your website.  So what  your website says, how it looks and how it functions tells a visitor what they can expect from your business.

Would you send a badly dressed salesperson, who is under informed to a business opportunity or to a meeting?  Yet so many companies make the effort to have a website and then simply fail to put the effort in to the content or the information they wish to share with their visitors.

We have lost count the times a company has asked us to copy the content or to write the content for them from scratch, even when it is in an industry that we don’t understand. 

A business goes to the effort to employ a company to build a website, they invest in a domain name and hosting and the cost of the development and simply think asking somebody else to write their content si the best way to promote their business.  Of course we can write content, writing isn’t something everybody likes to do. but we need some where to star we need to understand your business and to work closely with the company to ensure that we convey the right message or the correct information, having us or any design agency simply do the work for you with no input, is simply a disaster.

The reality is, if you get your message wrong, if you don’t engage with your visitors correctly, then they will simply leave your website without ever making contact or interacting and engaging with your content. 

The words, images and message you place on your website, is more important than most people ever imagine.  At the end of the day nobody understands your business, your drive, ambition and goals, better than you, so instead of brushing it to one side, instead of thinking that its not important, do yourself a favour, if you are thinking of owning a website or you already do, look at the content on your website, what does it say about your business, your company and you, what is the first impression you give to your visitors.