Why Don’t You Go Green?


The environment and climate change have been big topics in recent years and quite rightly so, ensuring that we take care of the planet for future generations is our responsibility, but how much do we know or even understand about how we are damaging the environment.

Car manufacturers are working hard to improve Electric and hybrid cars and to move away from the Internal Combustion Engine, in the coming years.   The aviation industry is working on developing and building more efficient and environmentally friendly jet engines whilst more and more companies and manufacturers are implementing zero carbon policies by offsetting their carbon foot print.

But what about the internet? It is estimated that the World Wide Web is as bad for the environment as is the aviation industry.  Today the internet is responsible for 2% of the co2 emissions of the planet. 

Sending emails, surfing the internet, and even storing data all play a part in polluting the environment.  Sending an email with a 1mb attachment is 19grams of CO2, which doesn’t seem very much at all, until you look at the bigger picture.  It is estimated in one hour more than 12 billion emails are sent out across the globe, which represents more than 4,000 tons of oil.

Keeping us online, means the constant use of data centres, which are energy intensive and need to be constantly cooled, through air conditioning to ensure that their servers do not over heat, catch fire and cause websites, apps and other services and systems to crash and disappear off line.  Just storing emails, means that we need to use more space in these data centres, meaning more servers, more air conditioning and so on.  But this is just the beginning, because the volume of the data we store doubles every two years and so the internet is a growing problem for our environment. 

Lets Do Our Bit For The Enviroment

1711 Digital Media Services, now provide green hosting, where our data centres are power by renewable energy.  Additionally we limit the size of email mailboxes and no longer provide unlimited email accounts where people can store thousands of emails, simply because its easier than deleting them.  We also provide a green web design service where we build a more streamlined website that uses less images and fewer pages to reduce a companies footprint on the internet, but without losing the amount of information that can be shared or providing a poorer user experience.

If you are a company who is concerned about the environment and want to reduce your internet footprint and do your bit for the environment then why not get in touch and see how we can help you achieve this


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