Building Your First Website


We know that starting a business can be expensive and building your first website can be daunting if you have never done it before or if technology isn’t your thing.   There are also so many options, from free web builders, cheap hosting and choosing a web designer which  can all make building your first website a nerve wracking experience.   And then of course there is the cost, how much should you pay for your website?

I founded this company on a bad experience in 2000, when I spoke to a company about building me my very first website.  We had a brief chat about what type of website I wanted, and openly I shared the name of the company.  They asked me if I had a domain and I said no not yet and they asked for the name to just check to see if it was available for me.  The next day I received a follow up email, explaining that my domain name was available and that they had just purchased it.  If I wanted them to build the website for me the domain name was free, and if I didn’t and simply wanted to buy the domain name it would coast me £12,000.

As you can imagine, I as so angry, I felt like I had been manipulated and coned in to giving them the information they wanted, not to help me, but to try and strong arm me in to paying for a development that expensive and way more than what my budget was.

So I decided to take a different approach, I done some research, spoke to a friend, and bough my very first web hosting with Easy Space, I renamed my business and bought a new domain name and armed with Microsoft front  page I built my very first website.   In building my first website, I fell in love with coding, and soon I was building websites for fun, for friends and just learning and growing my skills one language at a time until finally it become my fulltime career.

I know how difficult and daunting it can be when you are looking to start something new, I know that there are plenty of companies and people, even today who will try to do anything  good and bad to win your business and I also know that there will be companies who try to oversell you things that you don’t need. 

We wont do that, we are happy to discuss your project with you, we will answer your questions and we will give you advice, and if you want us to we will even give you a quote for the work.  And that’s where it ends.  We will not email and phone you and push you to make a decision.  We understand that there are so many different options that you need to make the best decision for yourself, without sales people calling you and trying to get you to commit to work.  Instead we will give you advice, answer your questions and hope that we provide you with enough information for you to make the right decisions, and if that decision is for us to work with you, then great but if you feel that other options, fit your need and requirements more than ours, then we wish you all the best.  The reality is we might not be the company you need today, but we hope that we will make a great first impression, that maybe sometime in the future, we maybe the company you need.

So if you have an idea, want to just discover if an idea is possible, how much it is likely to cost and how you would even get started, then why not visit our contact us page and drop us a message and we will give you a call and answer your questions with absolutely no obligations.



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