How Secure Is Your Website?


Over 43% of all websites on the internet are made from WordPress, making it the leading platform for building a website.  Whether you want a static website, a shop, a blog or a news site WordPress, has it all covered.

But with popularity comes problems. The importance of keeping on top of updates and security patches is something that can never be overlooked.  The number of times we log in to a WordPress website to make some changes or to update the design, for a customer only to find that nearly all of their plugins and even their version of WordPress is out of date. 

A quick conversation and you soon learn that they have never been informed that they need to either run automatic updates, or keep these plugins updated to maintain the security and integrity of their website. 

As a demonstration to a client, we recently installed a number of security plugins on to their WordPress website, and they were shocked by how many times a day, login attempts are made to login to their admin area.  Now this isn’t done by some hacker sat in a dark room, trying username and password one after another until they get in.  Instead, its code, sent out across the internet to look for WordPress websites.  Once they are found, the hackers try to take advantage of vulnerabilities in outdated WordPress versions or plugins. 

Time after time we have been asked to regain access to a hacked WordPress website, and to remove malicious code that has been embedded on the website to send out spam emails, add advertisements and a whole host of other things hackers do when they get access to your site. 

Quite often, you won’t even know your site has been hacked until suddenly your emails bounce back and you get an email from your hosting company saying they have noticed unusually high activity or even complaints that your Ip address and domain are sending out malicious emails.

In most cases we can regain access to websites but with a framework of several thousand pages, finding the malicious code can be impossible and so the best and safest option is to take the website down. Sometimes the Server company will simply do that as soon as they feel your website is compromised and it will stay offline until you have removed the malicious code and  the vulnerabilities.

If your website is just an information website, which simply shares information about your company, then it is simply a case of recovering and securing the domain and getting the website back up and running securely.  But what if your website is a shop? The consequences of being hacked is unthinkable.

If you own a WordPress website, it is important that you keep on top of your security.  Invest in some security plugins, or use the free versions, install an automatic updater for your WordPress plugins and even ensure to keep on top of your comments.  Login to your admin area every morning, check your updates, and comments, it takes ten minutes a day to keep your website, customers and visitors safe.

Below are a couple of links to both paid and free security plugins, that will help you keep your website safe,

We understand that not everybody has the time, or experience in keeping their website and business protected online.  Which is why we offer our clients a WordPress website management service. 

For just £49.99 per month.  We will manage your websites security, allowing you to concetrate on your business whilst we keep it safe and protected online.  If you are interested in this service then please visit our WordPress  Security  webpage for more information.


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