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For years we have provided hosting for our clients through third party hosting providers, whether that is shared hosting, VPS or dedicated servers.  We have always searched for the best deals, not only based on price but location of data centres, support and so on.

Over the years we have formed relationships with some good companies and been let down through support with others.   We have faced sudden price increases and faced companies who simply want to charge you for every little update or change you request to a server. Some companies have removed the ability to simply pick up a phone and call them unless you pay for a premium support service and worst of all, we have quite often found that when something goes wrong, you are simply isolated, no one answers support tickets, or sends updates.  instead, you get customers worrying because their website has suddenly gone down, they are not receiving emails and so on and nobody knows why, how long it will be before the site is back up and running, or even what the issue is.  It’s very rare but it does happen. 

We also found that by having our clients websites on different servers and with different hosting companies we couldn’t manage them as well as we wanted.  We couldn’t simply make changes to a server or make tweaks without having to raise a non-urgent support ticket that can take hours to get answered or actioned.  And so, we decided it was time that we provided the hosting. 

We have been running our own servers, for our own projects for years and so we felt it was about time to offer that service to our customers, to provide a better and more secure environment for their websites and to be able to provide a level of service that doesn’t include the need for us to raise support tickets.

As of February 13th, we will be launching 1711hosting.co.uk.  where we will provide a range of hosting plans from simple shared hosting to VPS, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting, we will also be offering renewable energy hosting for those businesses who are committed to Climate change. 

Companies will be able to constantly monitor the status of their hosting from our off-site monitoring platform hosted at amilive.co.uk.  This platform will provide a real time status update on all of our services and will be updated every two minutes automatically.

So, if you are thinking about getting new hosting, starting a project or thinking about going green, then why not visit our web hosting page for more information, prices and a list of the services that we provide.


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