Before we undertake any work please ensure that you have signed and agreed to the terms  and condtions laid out below.

Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions oare intended as a legally binding contract and by completing and submitting the form underneath is your agreement to these Terms and Conditions.

Communication & Project Management

  1. You the customer will be emailed login credentials to our project management system (From here forth, known as the portal) to the email address entered into the form below. It is your responsibility to ensure that these credentials are kept safe and secure and that you do not share them with anybody else.
  1. Any unauthorised breach of our platform due to the misuse of your credentials, can result in us Terminating your project.
  1. All correspondence and communications will be made through our portal. This allows us to easily manage communications and keep you up to date with the management of your project as well as providing both parties with an accurate record of communication to ensure that deadlines are met and that the project is kept on track and delivered as agreed.
  1. You will receive both SMS and email alerts when a new communication is started in the portal. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information provided at the bottom of this page is accurate and current.

Additional Information Delays & Late Payments

  1. When we require additional information or if you are providing content, we allow what we call a reasonable amount of time, we give this time as 7 days. If for any reason you need longer to respond to our communication it is your responsibility to communicate that need to us, to keep the project on track.
  1. If we do not receive any contact from you or receive the information that we have requested after seven days, we retain the right to pause your project, to allow us to meet other work commitments and obligations.  Your project will then be resumed once we have availability, this will be within 7 days of us receiving the requested information and as soon as possible.
  1. If after 14 days, we have still not received the requested information then we retain the right to charge a restart fee of £99 upon receipt of your information. As a company unexpected delays through lack of communication or late response, have both a time and financial impact on our business.


  1. If after 30 days, we have not received any communication from you, we will close the project and retain any deposit you have paid us. This will go towards paying for the lost man hours and to cover the cost of any third-party services or  products we have purchased for your project.
  1. Should you come back to us after this point and request to start the project again it will be treated as a new project with a new quote, and we will invoice you for a new deposit.
  1. Documentation shall be delivered in either printed or electronic format as agreed upon by both parties. If code is delivered in electronic format all files shall be provided in compatible file formats.

Content & Products

  1. Unless it has been agreed upon and outlined in the proposal, we only add the first 20 products to an ecommerce platform. Additional products can be added by yourself and we will provide you with support and training to show you how to do this.  If needed we can add additional products, but this will incur an additional charge.
  1. It is your responsibility to provide the content for your website. The content you provide will be copied and pasted by us into the relevant pages.  We will not spell, or grammar check your content for you.  If once the content has been added, you notice mistakes, we retain the right to charge for any alterations, we need to make.  Alternatively, you will be able to login and make these corrections yourself.
  1. We can provide content for your website, if requested for an additional cost. When we do this, we offer 1 revision of the content, prior to adding it to the website.  This content will be supplied in a word document.
  1. We will not copy and paste content from a third-party website.

Our Response Times to Requests

  1. Our project management and support ticket facility is manned 24/7 and so we will endeavour to replay to your requests and messages as soon as possible and guarantee a response within 24 hours.


  1. In our proposal we will outline a payment schedule and milestone payments if your project exceeds £4,000. For any project valued under £1000, we request a 65% deposit, and for any project over £1,000 we will ask for a 50% deposit, with the balance due upon completion.  Deposits include administration and set up fees, where necessary we retain the right to invoice for third party fees and services, for example, if we need to provide hosting or purchase third party licenses or plugins etc.
  1. When invoices are raised and sent, we request that they are settled within a 3-day period to allow us to keep the project on track. Work on your project will not carry on until the outstanding invoice has been paid.  Therefore, it is essential that all invoices are paid on time to keep the project moving.
  1. If an invoice goes unpaid for 7 days, the project will be paused until payment is received. If the payment is made after 14 days a late payment and administration fee of £99 will be added to the next invoice.  If the outstanding invoice is the final invoice, a further invoice for the £99 late payment fee will be raised and will need paying before release of the project.


  1. If an invoice goes unpaid for more than 21 days, we retain the right to terminate the project.

Intellectual Rights

  1. Once your project is completed, we will retain copies of the work we created for a further 30 days. After which point the work will be permanently deleted from our servers.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep a safe copy of the work we deliver to you, as after the 30-day period we will not be able to provide you any further copies.
  1. Once we have handed over all files, content, and elements of the project, you agree that you hold all legal rights to the information and will not hold 1711 Digital Media Services Ltd responsible for any third-party claims.


  1. You are entitled to cancel your project at any time, by contacting us in writing this can be an email, a letter or through our portal.  If you terminate the project after we have started, we will deduct any monies that we have spent on third party products and services and for any man hours that we have already put into the project.  Any monies remaining will then be returned to you.  Equally, if the number of man hours or third-party expenses placed into the project exceed the amount of deposit you have paid, you will be invoiced for any uncovered costs or man hours.


  1. Both 1711 Digital Media Services Ltd and the named person / company named underneath agree that should any conflicts arise relating to this agreement, the parties will seek a suitable resolution through a neutral arbitrator. Whose ruling will be considered final and binding by both parties.

By completing and submiting the form below you agree with the terms and conditions outlined above.

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