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For years we have been providing hosting for our clients through third party hosting companies.  Often lookiing for the best deals for them, depending on their needs and requirements.  

But finally we have decided that after years of managing our own servers for our own projects that its time that we took the step in to providing hosting for our clients, To achieve this we have formed the company 1711 Hosting. This will allow us to provide a far better hosting experience, gives us full control over our servers and can provide quick responses to service requests, with out us having to rely on technical support from a third party.  This also allows us to set up our servers with the settings and technologies that will best suit our customers.

1711 Hosting, will offer a range of hosting packages that will include, Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated and cloud hosting services.  we will also be offering renewable energy hosting for those businesses who are committed to Climate change.

Companies will be able to constantly monitor the status of their hosting from our off-site monitoring platform hosted at  This platform will provide a real time status update on all of our services and will be updated every two minutes automatically.

So, if you are thinking about getting new hosting, starting a project or thinking about going green, then why not visit our sister company, page for more information, prices and a list of the services that we provide.